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The African Enterprise Institute (AfricanEI) is an African Initiative dedicated for the advancement of knowledge, development, and information by engaging the new generation.
The new generation will assist by promoting good governance, sustainable development, genuine democracy, human rights, education, capacity building, the adoption of a green revolution, and technological advancement in Africa.

The organization will achieve its objectives by:

  • Promoting a new global partnership.
  • Collaborating with partners that include African Union States, patron countries, distinguished individuals, organizations, foundations, and educational institutions.
  • Promoting informed debates dedicated to public policy, capacity building, and development issues in Africa.
  • Conducting and sponsoring educational conferences and forums.
  • Providing information and counsel.
  • Publishing books, magazines, and monographs in the field of African public policy affairs.
  • Sponsoring independent task forces to conduct research, produce findings and reports on case studies.
  • Strengthening communication between other organizations that embrace the same principles as the African Enterprise Institute.
  • Establishing a physical presence in the African Union member states.