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Africa Is Ready For A "New Beginning" 



Africa's New Generation Think Tank

Promoting the next-generation African think tank would seem strange if a single individual is working on it; however, if the future ambitious leaders simultaneously agree on the need, and work towards its objective, it is utterly reasonable, and its achievement will present the foundation for one of Africa's globally respected Institutions of our time.

The achievement depends only on the number of its adherents, and whether this up-and-coming think tank remains an institutional romance. If this generation of our time is too jaded to understand the value of African Enterprise Institute, the future socially responsible and more-sophisticated generation will arise to comprehend it; however, for those who are willing to support it, we will appreciate the fruit of our contribution in our lifetime.

Your tax-deductible contribution supports the mission of the African Enterprise Institute (AfricanEI), Africa's new and up-and-coming think tank dedicated to public policy and research that is independent, non-partisan, and not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization.
We are at the early stage of building our organization, and your support will advance our exceptional vision, the sustainability of our organization, and assist this up-and-coming African Think Tank to become an internationally recognized institution that is dedicated to public policy issues in Africa.

Let us join our efforts to build an influential and  respected next-generation Institution, African Enterprise Institute.

Thank you for your support,


Daniel Kassa



The African Enterprise Institute will formally launch and hold its first summit, Africa - New Global Partnership in the near future.
African State Leaders, Scholars, and Influential Individuals dedicated to African affairs will be present as guests.